Be the first to know when the value on a webpage changes.

You can schedule ChangeAlerts! to monitor your main competitors webpage and notify you when the price changes.

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You can set it up to send you notifications when:
Your website is down.
Your website wasn't updated as expected from a scheduled process.
Your error log contains a new critical error.
Your search engine ranking changes significantly.
Your bank account shows a new transaction for over $500.
The price of a product you are interested in goes below a certain amount.
Your clients "Executive Leadership" webpage changed.
A new version of you favorite software is released.
A court case you are following has a new docket entry.
A government website posts a request for proposals that contains your key words.

You can also have it extract information from a website and save it to your database on a scheduled basis.
Since you can easily add your own C-Sharp code when processing a page there is almost no limit to what you can do!

You can view your statuses and logs from your cell phone.


   10 minute instructional video

   View a quick walk-through of ChangeAlerts!

   View ChangeAlerts! online help

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