View Requests

Selecting "Requests/Builds" from the main menu will take you to a page that will allow you to view current requests for your currently selected branch.

Once you have your Project / Branch selected you will see all of the requests for that branch that are in the stage that you have selected. The stages are defined for each project. Our example we have the different stages that a request goes through starting with Requested and ending with Production. Most of the time you will be dealing with the first stage.

Also notice that on the View tab there is also a few command buttons and an Actions list box. Once atleast one reequests is checked in the Requests grid the Actions list will be enabled with selectable values such as "Delete" and "Toggle On-Hold". Selecting "Delete" and then clicking the "Go" button will delete the checked requests. Similarly, selecting "Toggle On-Hold" and clicking the "Go" button will toggle the state of the selected requests from On-Hold to Buildable and back again.

When you are in different stages you may get a different list of actions such as "Reset Requests" (send down to the first stage), "Promote Request" or "Mark as Finished."

If you have selected all or some of the requests you can click the "Show Files" button and you will see a list of the files for the selected requests.

This file list will show in bold any files that are in more than one request that you have selected. It also shows the file details such as if the file version is locked or not.

If you select a request it will highlight that request and the issues that go with that request. So in the example below I have select the first request and it has highlighted it's issues - issue IDs 1924, 1954 and 2022.

This works in reverse too. So if I selected an Issue row it would highlight the Requests that go with that row.

In a similar way if I check the checkbox for a request it will check all of the issues that go with that request.

If you check the checkbox for an Issue it will automatically check the checkbox for all of the requests that are needed to satify that issue. It then takes the next step and evaluates if any other issues will be completed given the requests that are checked.

So in the example below just the checkbox next to issue 1954 was checked. That in turn checked the checkbox next to request 433. Since request 433 was selected that meant that Issue 1924 and 2022 were going to be completed and they were selected.