Instant Data Dictionary

Key Features
  • Internal website where developers can browse the database objects that they are developing against.
  • Expandable tree structure of database / schemas / tables / columns.
  • Developers can add, edit and view the descriptions for tables and columns.
  • Sortable table attributes including creation date, table size, number of rows and description.
  • Sortable column attributes including data types, position, null setting and description.
  • Documentation is stored directly on the database using extended properties.
  • Documentation is backed up with the database and scripted out with the build scripts.
  • Print friendly page for each table with details on its columns, indexes, constraints and foreign keys.
  • Unlimited ability to add more categories in addition to "description".
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • All changes are logged.
  • Site license with unlimited users and no user setup.

Instant Data Dictionary Web based data dictionary for SQL Server that allows developers to effectively view and document database objects.



When you first open the page you see a listing of the databases on the server.

Clicking a database expands it to show its schemas.

Expanding a schema shows its tables along with their Creation Date, Size, Number of Rows and Description. You can sort by these attributes or by the table names by clicking the headings.

Expanding a table shows its data columns along with their Position, Null Permission, Data Type and Description. You can sort these attributes or the column names by clicking the headings.

Add or edit a description to any table or column.

Descriptions you view, add or edit are the same ones that are used by SQL Server Management Studio or SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

Clicking the "Details" button for a table leads to a print friendly page that displays columns, indexes, constraints and foreign keys.

NEW! You can now define your own categories of properties!

This means that in addition to "MS_Description" you can add "Version", "Data Source" or anything else you can think of and then View, Add or Edit text for them.

Quick & easy install - that's why it's called "Instant Data Dictionary"

  1. Download and run installer on your web server.
  2. Provide your username, password and order number.
  3. Provide a connection string to your database.
  4. Specify which databases you don't want to include.
  5. That's it! No setup on the database is required.

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