Is there any runtime fees for using DititalTools' .NET components?

No, there are no runtime licensing fees for our .NET components.

How do I download products after selecting to the trial version of the product?

You will be sent an email with a link to download the trial product version. Please make sure that our email does not land in your "bulk" or "junk" email folder.

How do I download products after purchasing?

Once you purchase the product you will be sent an email with the full product version.

Is the source code available?

No, the source code is not available. DigitalTools does not sell its source code.

Please, explain licensing model of your components.

DigitalTools' .NET components are developer-licensed. This means that each developer requires their own license.

What is a site license?

A site license is a license that covers all developers at a single physical address for your company or organization.
You can learn more by contacting our sales area thru email.

What kind of technical support you provide?

We provide full technical support for all our registered customers for 12 months from the purchase date.
Support is provided via email or using our public forum.

Is the trial versions limited in any way?

The trial versions have the exact same functionality as the licensed products. The software has a 30-day free evaluation period.

Do you issue refunds?

The evaluation versions are fully functional and allows customers to explore all of the functionalities and features of the licensed versions. The evaluation versions comes complete with documentation. We encourage you to take advantage of our trial period to fully explore our products. During the trial period feel free to email to us for technical questions or for pre-sale questions.

Therefore returns are honored by special request only and cannot be guaranteed. Generally, we make refunds only in case a credit card was stolen and used to purchase a product license.

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